C-REAL Philosophy & History

Courageously REAL Coaching

• Journeying collaboratively & dynamically in a coaching relationship

• Deepening presence, awareness, resourcefulness & creativeness

• Enhancing self and others with new perspectives, emotional flexibility & resilience

• Navigating through the material, subtle and transcendent worlds

Leslie’s intention is to co-create a relationship with you that brings forward your creativity, wholeness and resourcefulness. Together you learn how to release internal constraints and reveal your inner power. This happens while you delight in the blooming of your dreams and desires. During each experience she presents many invigorating opportunities for you to connect to your wisdom and skills. This will enliven and refine your everyday goals and long-term, heartfelt visions. Your success will confidently encourage you to reach into your new resources and witness your guiding light.

The energy that surrounds you has great influence on your openness and readiness.

Courageously REAL Coaching is a holistic and integrative approach that empowers you to transform into the person of your dreams.

As a Courageously REAL Coach, I professionally and enthusiastically guide people of all ages in their journey toward heartfelt goals and desires.

Each offering leaves you…

• Courageous as you move through the inevitable challenges of life.

• Resilient as you release and replace patterns of thinking and being that keep you stuck.

• Connected with your needs and desires in all aspects…Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual.

• Conscious of the unlimited power of love and positive relationships.

• Able to move between all 3 levels of reality…material, subtle and transcendent.

• More evolved with a clearer and empathic understanding of YOU

Her coaching paradigm will connect you to your highest self by accessing the wisdom of your body, heart and soul while respecting the powerful tool of your mind. Her work shows you the way to consciously live in the moment where positive possibilities are always present, even through the inevitable highs and lows of life.

Leslie’s unique connection with her horses offer her clients amazing opportunities of moving from the material, subtle and transcendent worlds throughout their coaching experiences. There is no doubt in Leslie’s mind that the process of becoming Courageously REAL is greatly accelerated with the participation of her equines. They have an uncanny ability to sense if you are presenting what you believe to be desirable vs what is honest and authentic. Horses do not feel safe around incongruent energy as they are prey animals whose survival is predicated on them sensing and responding to what is truly going on. They are willing and unconditional mirrors for us to look into ourselves as they accept the good, the bad and the ugly. Equines are the best teachers and models of what it means to stay present and move away from perceived danger. Once her horses, who are gentle, loving giants, touch your soul, your healing and evolving process will continue forever. You can never forget how it feels to live “The EQUUS Way and the horses will never forget you. (Click here to learn more about The EQUUS Way of Being).