Leslie’s Creations

Ruach Ranch, Reno NV


Over the past 5 years, Leslie’s Courageously REAL offerings were incubating and have come into existence in January of 2015. These experiences unfold on Ruach (Roo “ach” as in Bach) Ranch, an extraordinary setting in which Leslie’s life’s lessons, triumphs and heartaches are expressed. RR is an exquisite, private and peaceful place painted with surreal beauty and light filled energy. Here on the ranch there is an abundance of fresh air, lush pastures and edible gardens for Leslie’s horses, dogs, ducks, chickens and cat to play and thrive on.

“We should take care not to make the intellect our God; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality. It cannot lead, it can only serve.” ~Albert Einstein

Being Courageously REAL calls forth all of your Dynamic Aspects… Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual

Ruach Ranch is a sanctuary where people build healing bridges between what hurts to what relieves and soothes. The abundance of resources on RR teaches us how to be self sustaining, appreciative and generous. Courageously REAL is a way of artfully accessing all the resources available to us through the material, subtle and transcendent worlds. Leslie creates opportunities for her clients to play, become acquainted with and live their inherent capabilities to be…

→  present
→  emotionally and relationally intelligent
→  consciously aware
→  vulnerable
→  courageous
→  creative
→  resourceful
→  intuitive
→  resilient
→  love/loving/lovable

This way of being in the world enables you to consciously connect to your REAL self. This, in turn, leads you to conscious relationships. Which then leads you to greater happiness, abundance and a sense of meaningful well being.

Being Courageously REAL creates consciously loving experiences. This fosters infinite power to manifest ones heartfelt desires.

What you believe creates your world.

Courageously REAL Offerings…

1:1 C-REAL Coaching is an up close and personal experience with Leslie, who guides you to find the lost keys to your happiness and freedom. The EQUUS Way of Being is a personal experience with both horse and human coaches, who bring you beyond your head and into your heart and soul. C-REAL Monthly Gatherings are shared experiences that support your journey to a better you. C-REAL Retreats are customized group experiences that positively impact the whole.