1:1 C-REAL Coaching

1 to 1 coachingWho does 1:1 C-REAL Coaching appeal to and why?

Adults who know that life need not feel so arduous and seek a short term, highly effective individual coaching experience that is holistic in focus.  These individuals know that life can be more user friendly even when you hit the inevitable roadblocks or are in a cycle of unrelenting storms.  Leslie’s remarkable coaching connects you with your four power centers, unique gifts and leaves you self assured and able to bring your preciousness out into the world successfully.

What distinguishes Leslie from other coaches?

Leslie always creates is a safe, non-judgemental acceptance of what you bring at any given moment.  She skillfully invites you to explore and challenge that which is lurking within, ready to take you back to where you have been thousands of times before.  She has an exceptional ability to sense beyond words what is present and is empathic and compassionate when she offers what’s coming up for her.  This is to your benefit as it facilitates your progress to change and evolve efficiently and permanently.

Leslie states that it is her commitment to you, her client, to hear your aspirations and call out your ability to get you where you want to be in the most effective amount of time.

She is always giving you the keys to unlock the doors to whatever is holding you back.  This leaves you ready to leap to your next level.  Leslie entrusts you with confidence to call out your fears, pains, doubts and unproductive beliefs and behaviors.  And then presents just what you need to permanently release and replace them with new positive ways of believing, thinking, and being.

Leslie is extraordinary in her versatility as a coach which is a huge benefit for her clients.  She is an model of all that she coaches. Click here to learn more about her personal story.

Where are these 1:1 C-REAL Coaching sessions held?

Leslie spent over a decade envisioning a setting to collaborate with her vision as a coach.  She created a sanctuary to safely call forward your courage to be vulnerable to express and openly hear where you are stuck or aspire to.  Ruach Ranch in Reno, NV is that place.  It is on this ranch where she shows you the way to build bridges between what hurts and what heals.  It is a loving place where you relax into the processes that you will gracefully learn to do for yourself.  Leslie assures you that this positive progress soothes your soul and self-perpetuates.

When am I ready for Leslie’s leading 1:1 C-REAL Coaching?

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of repeating what is taking you in circles with limited forward progress.  Leslie’s 1:1’s open the path to your nirvana as she gives you the keys to open the gates and walk in.  Leslie believes in your inherent uniqueness and empowers you to be your own leader; she will not be your enabler.  Her open hearted listening and focused attention and ease at teaching steadily infuses your personal power.  Your healing is no longer buried beneath your painful fears.  Your wildest dreams and desires become available to you as your resources increase and keep you connected to your deepest truths.

IMG_1786What is Leslie’s 1:1 C-REAL Coaching process?

First, she effectively and compassionately moves you to the heart of what makes you stumble.  You feel your confidence multiplying. You immediately sense a new ability to recognize and unlock your beliefs so you can see them from varied perspectives.  Next, you purposefully toss away those unproductive beliefs so they no longer have the power to derail you.  Finally, you feel prepared, energized and focused to successfully nourish the building blocks to your heart felt dreams and desires.

How do I sign up?

To ensure that 1:1 C-REAL Coaching is for you, send Leslie an email expressing your interest.  She will contact you to set up a free consultation at the ranch, to clarify any questions and confirm that this offering is the best way for you to enter into the world of being Courageously REAL.


Click here to contact Leslie.