Courageously REAL Gatherings

CR RetreatsWho does C-REAL Gatherings appeal to and why?

These Gatherings are joined by high functioning adults of all ages and both genders who are seeking to know themselves more deeply and choose to positively and bravely confront areas in their life that no longer serve them.  They are ready to create a newer more reflective version of their REAL self in a warm, empathic, engaging, light filled way.  They are life long learners who recognize the value of a multifaceted perspective.  They are seeking guidance and a social network of like minded souls who willingly give and receive open heartedly.

Where, when and why are C-REAL Gatherings held?

On Ruach Ranch in Southwest Reno, NV.   It is a Sunday night ritual where each month the Gatherers enter a surreal environment that embraces them, filling them with beauty and serenity.   Each person’s personal needs and desires are respected and supported with compassion, consideration and curiosity.   Leslie envisioned and created Ruach and Courageously REAL to inspire each individual to express from and empower all their aspects, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual infusing them w limitless energy and possibilities.  The atmosphere is as magical as it is majestic which reinforces the value she sees in all living beings.  Her way of being is contagious and calls forth your preciousness and power.

What are the Gatherings like?

Leslie prepares a topic and creates an agenda to stimulate conversation and activities based on the most current knowledge in resilience, vulnerability wellness in mind, body and spirit, leadership, relationships, etc..  Each month builds on the prior month so the Gatherers keep applying the skills of expanded consciousness, communication and connection while staying present, balanced and open.  Our monthly 3 hours are filled with vibrant and energetic interchanges, with and without Leslie’s horse coaches, to expand the concepts from the material to the subtle into the transcendental realms.

How many participate in the Gatherings and for how long?

Leslie creates this rare and highly personal opportunity for six individuals per year to dynamically expand their perspectives and, therefore, their personal lives, with other like minded souls over the course of 10 months.  The first Gathering is the 3rd Sunday in January from 6-9pm and goes through October.  With a celebration on the first weekend of November before the holidays call our attention.

How do I sign up?

To ensure that C-REAL Gatherings are for you send Leslie an email at to initiate your interest.  She will contact you to set up a free consultation at the ranch to clarify any questions and confirm that this offering is the best way for you to enter into the world of being Courageously REAL.


Click here to contact Leslie.

Through your active participation in Courageously REAL Gatherings you become a more Open Hearted Listener who is non-judgemental and respectful to the views and opinions of others.  This practice is essential for establishing and maintaining trusting relationships be they personal or professional.  Along with extensive new skills, techniques and options to shift, you now have a willingness, openness and the power to break vicious cycles that have kept you stuck and virtually ineffective in certain specific areas of your life.  You are effectively able to discern and interact from a place of sympathy (awareness), empathy (experience as if) and compassion (action), towards yourself first and then outward toward your fellow participants, as you inspire each other throughout the course of 10 months to carry this mindset and REAL way of being outside the gates of Ruach Ranch.

Ruach Ranch, Reno NV