The EQUUS Way of Being

Equus-WAY-01The EQUUS Way of Being is coaching with horses… Why?

The EQUUS Way of Being shows you how to stay present and create healthy boundaries as you live and work with others no matter the pressures surrounding you. This exhilarating process is deeply impactful as your horse coaches are gentle and loving yet powerful and majestic. A mixture of qualities that will serve you well as you live The EQUUS Way. Horses are a gift to coaching as they integrate the breakthroughs in science, psychology and mindfulness.

Equines are brilliant models of being unconditionally REAL and highly sensitive at the same time guiding you to access your courage, resilience, emotional and relationally intelligence, awareness and love. It is through these portals that you become keenly aware of your beliefs, doubts, fears and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. This clarity gives you access to new positive choices to attract your deepest desires.

What makes Ruach uniquely suited to The EQUUS Way?

Ruach Ranch was lovingly and intentionally designed for your horse coaches to stay in touch with their intuition and instincts. A walking path surrounds the 10 acres which embraces the positive, healing energies within the property. The horses move freely around Ruach with their herd. Leslie’s goal was to closely mimic the natural environment of a herd of horses. It is the herd dynamic that shows us The EQUUS Way of Being. Daily, Leslie’s horse whisperers work with her 5 horses. They are respectfully treated, cared for and loved by these caregivers readying Winnie, Inez, Mizar, Rigel and Monarch to coach different personalities and approaches. Leslie’s two mares (females) and 3 geldings (no longer males) are encouraged to be authentic as they do their best modeling from that place of authenticity. All interactions with your horse coach is on the ground. There is absolutely no riding these gentle giants. It is a soul to soul experience.

The EQUUS Way of living in the world deepens your connection with universal truths inviting positive loving relationships and well being to flourish.

The Uniqueness of Horses

Horses are masters of unconditional love, nonverbal communication and naturally assessing and mirroring our true feelings and intentions, even though we might not be consciously aware of them. Because they are preyed upon in nature, these sensitive, mindful giants have maintained a highly developed ability to respond proactively and keenly to their environment in order to survive in dangerous and harsh surroundings.

Subtle changes and nuances that we are not aware of provoke behaviors in them that give us information about our surroundings and ourselves. Their behaviors help us reflect on our patterns that greatly impact our lives, relationships and careers. Working with the horses gives you the information to either create new positive momentum to live by your heartfelt needs or reinforce the negative stories that keep you stuck. Your coach, Leslie, will facilitate and monitor your interactions with the equine coaches to create an experience that will clear the way for you to uplevel your life.

EQUUS Way of Being at Ruach Ranch, Reno NV