Courageously REAL Testimonials

Leslie is amazing as a 1:1 coach. Now she is offering Courageously REAL Gatherings because she recognizes that fears, loneliness and isolation keeps us in our pain whereas being a part of a community of supportive individuals whose intention is to reach their true and best self is inspiring and uplifting. You can count on Leslie’s training and heart to create a safe and supportive atmosphere while her coaching will facilitate positive shifts in your self awareness and perceptions. I cannot express enough gratitude to her for truly giving me the courage and the skills to change my life! Xxx

I am so excited about these Courageously REAL Gatherings and only wish I lived in Nevada to join you! I love you, thank you so much for being you!

~ Annalou, Educator, Mother

You are someone who listens without judgment who cares without limits who values honesty for appearances and effort over accomplishment I’m lucky to have you who accepts me just as I am. You are a treasure and I know that anybody who is lucky enough to have you coach mentor and guide them will be blessed.

~ Hannah, Therapist, Mother

Over time I got to know Leslie as a great coach ( and dear friend!). When talking to her, she radiates respect for everything you bring in to the conversation . She values what you feel and reassures you there is a good reason for you to feel that way, that you are not just being silly ( as I tend to think about myself). She respects you as a unique person and encourages and supports you to shine in all your brilliance. Thank you, Leslie, for being there for me all these years!

~ Annemieken, MD, Psychotherapist, Horse Assisted Coach, Mother

I have been working with Leslie Kornstein since 2007. Prior to that I had the experience of working with professional groups, different counselors, and therapists, but none have left me with the impact I received from my work with Leslie Kornstein.

What is it that makes Leslie so unique? I have always felt stuck and rooted in my problems. Leslie has ALWAYS given me concentrated, undivided attention. She helped me find “me”, giving me the confidence to take life improving actions. I have learned to overcome self imposed obstacles and break negative patterns of thought.

I’m sure I can write a book about my life journey. During my intense work with Leslie I have TRULY learned to give my self permission to “feel” my feelings. I no longer put unrealistic goals upon myself to please others.

Leslie continues to guide me throughout my life’s obstacles and challenges. She is the most intuitive, understanding and nonjudgemental person I have ever known. I would encourage anyone who is ready to do a moral inventory to make the opportunity to seek the professional advice of Leslie Kornstein.

~ Michelle, Mother, Nurse